According to the representatives of the Hary Krishna sect the history of the portrait representing their god to whom they pay homage dates back 50 million years! This age was quoted to me by a leader of the Hare Krishna group who I once visited in London in 1987.
Of course I did not believe this information. The only thing I got from the discussions with this man was that this portrait undoubtedly existed many thousand of years before the mission of the Lord Jesus Christ. It can be found under the name of 'Nava-Jiyda-Nrsimha-Ksetra' in uncountable varieties of pagan-hinduistic sects.

A surprising thing was a statement made by the boss of the Hare Krishna sect in London when I showed him the picture of the portrait of 'Black Madonna' which is payed homage to in the Roman-Catholic religion and which can be found in the monastery at Jasna Gora (Bright Mountain) in Czestohowa in Poland.
The portrait of 'Black Madonna' is similar thematically to that of Hary Krishna, which in translation means 'Black Hary.' Both of these portraits represent an adult figure holding a child in its hand.

On the sight of the 'Black Madonna' portrait, the representative of the Hindu religion was shocked but immediately became cheerful telling me, "yes undoubtedly Jesus is a prophet of Hary Krishna and one can see clearly here the mission of our god Krishna who through different situations wants to form a common church which would only acknowledge him."
"How do you discern this?" I asked the guru.
"It is very simple," answered the man clean-shaved to the bone with a small tail of hair on the back of his head, the main representative of the London sect, "if lord Krishna intends to bring to repentance a certain nation he uses certain tricks through, for example, the Polish portrait which Poles pay homage to as 'Black Madonna.' Jesus the prophet of lord Krishna contributed in such a way as to cause such a portrait to migrate to Poland in a somewhat different form so as to gradually convince believers that the original arose from the Hindu religion!"
"I am certain dear friend," continued the leader of the London sect of the Hare Krishna, "that your pope and they who follow after him shall work effectively toward the rise of a one-world-church based on the old eastern religion."
"Mr Jack," continued the Guru after a short silence - "after all our eastern religious culture is the oldest and many habits of this culture are in today's religions, for example the Roman-Catholic, Orthodox, or others. The adulation and glorification of portraits and, figures and other objects together with remains of the dead are completely the same processes that exist in the Hindu religions," my informer continued. "I am not well informed about the Roman-Catholic religion as my parents were confessors of the Anglican Church. I on the other hand in my childhood was not interested in faith. To end the topic let me tell you in summary: currently we are waiting for the moment when the Roman-Catholic Church will unite with us!" the representative of the Hindu religion concluded.
"Could you please explain to me where the dragon holding a small dragon in its hand came from in the portrait?" - I asked with much interest.
"It is a great mystical history which speaks about a certain boy who - was an Indian living in the present India - started the confessor of the Hindu faith. This boy believed very much in the god of those days religion whom we now glorify as Lord Hary Krishna, which in translation means 'Black Hary.' This boy was very much given to Lord Hary Krishna. He spent many hours calling on the name of Hary Krishna. This very much angered his father who forbade him to continue this kind of enlightenment ceremony. The son yet did not listen to his father and continued to intonate the words Hary Krishna walking in the room. His angry father caught the boy shook him and asked - 'where is this your god?'
His son answered that he is everywhere. His father with goggled eyes asked - 'is your god also in this pillow lying on the bed?'
'Of course he is,' answered his son.
Driven to madness by this answer his father shouted - 'in that case I will kill your god and by a sword cut the pillow into two.'
Feathers fell from the pillow and from the cloud of dust appeared the form of a dragon-lion…in other words one of the incarnations of Hary Krishna (in translation 'Black Hary).
Krishna in anger tore the father who had cut the pillow with a sword into pieces. For great love and faith Krishna reasoned the boy who very often is a symbol of great love in many Hindu portraits and legends.
Histories about different incredible stories of the pagan god Hary Krishna actually would have had no end was it not for a certain couple which interrupted our discussions. This couple had for good swallowed the hook and were pulled into the sect.
The Hindu interviewer, excited by the situation that had arisen, resigned from eventually converting me to their religion.
After returning to Australia I decided to continue searching information concerning the portrait of Hary Krishna with a dragon in its hand. I got help from one of my colleagues who led me to a certain Hindu man - the owner of a vegetable shop in the Newtown residential area of Sydney. I expected to see the portrait of the dragon with a child at his place but yet in another different form as I had heard that he exists in different forms.
The wild look in the eyes of this fat man gave me a sign that I was an unwelcome visitor. The stench of herbs and different kind of dried fish shook my body. The Hindu man asked me directly - "why are you so much interested in this portrait?"
I did not know what to answer him.
After a long silence he started - "when my mother still lived she asked me to protect this portrait as an eye in the head. Throughout the ages it brought our family much luck and many of my forefathers returned to health when they were ill. I do not have the intention of showing this portrait to anyone so that no one would charm it.
I tried to find out more about this portrait from other people. I went to many Hindu shops of which there was scarcity in Australia. Only in one of them did an old woman tell me that the portrait of the dragon with a small dragon its hand symbolises a great nation which being converted shall once unite with the father in order for them together to become a power all over the world. I immediately remembered the prophecy in the book of Daniel (The book of Daniel chapter 7 verse 19-21) which speaks about a certain nation existing under the sign of a beast which shall gain great power and later give it to a great powerful nation symbolising the great father - a dragon that will want to rule the world in order to exterminate the children of God:
19. Then I would know the truth of the fourth beast, which was diverse from all the others, exceeding dreadful, whose teeth were of iron, and his nails of brass; which devoured, brake in pieces, and stamped the residue with his feet;
20. And of the ten horns that were in his head, and of the other which came up, and before whom three fell; even of that horn that had eyes, and a mouth that spake very great things, whose look was more stout that his fellows.
21. I beheld, and the same horn made war with the saints, and prevailed against them.
(Daniel 7:19,20,21)
The Hindu sect was registered in the United States of America. The surprising thing is that its rise is exactly one millennium after of the rise of the catholic religion in Poland. Poland officially accepted Christianity in the year 966. After a thousand years in 1966 the Hary Krishna religious sect which has much in common with the Roman-Catholic religion was registered!
A very interesting fact is that in the leadership of the Hare Krishna religion its founder Prabhupada called 12 disciples who were to become direct representatives as well as executors of his will after his death.
The Hare Krishna movement gained fame amongst others due to the album titled 'Hare Krishna mantra' recorded in joint cooperation with The Beatles. In only the first day 70 000 album were sold! After a few weeks the representatives of the Hare Krishna group appeared in a popular television program 'Top of the Pops' in which they sang their songs. All this brought them much fame and a very good start in their future actions.